What ages may join?

Established for the high school student, The Lambda Chapter is for grades 9-12.

How often does a student need to submit a new test score? 

In the Lambda Chapter, we admit students on the first score submitted and then DO NOT REQUIRE any new testing.

Who is eligible for ESA membership?

Only those students who meet the HSLDA definition of a home schooler are eligible for ESA membership. This rule states that a student must complete 50% of his/her studies at home under the direct supervision of the parent. Co-op programs, group classes, and even community college courses are acceptable as long as the 50% rule is followed. Students enrolled in public school programs, charter school programs, full-time college programs, or other programs where more than 50% of the school time is spent in the supervision of a school setting or where the public school receives 50% funding for the student’s attendance are not eligible for ESA membership. (See HSLDA’s web page at www.hslda.org for more information.)

Why is 0!=1?

We’re not sure either!